Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rosé of the day - Wednesday August 7, 2013

Alois Lageder Rosé 2012 $16.99

Tasting notes: Fruit sourced from vineyards planted in the Bolzano area to deep and rich alluvial soils. After maceration, the grapes were fermented and aged on their lees in stainless steel tanks. An inviting, medium-bodied Rosé that presents distinct red berry notes with hints of violets on the fresh and long finish.

Varietals: Lagrein

Region: Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol, Italy

Tuesday's answer:
Yesterday there was only one stab at the answer and one stab at a possible theme for the week. First big brother Mark (Can I have my keys back) Beyerly jumped in with one of his coded answers and put up "Hmm. More pizza boxes in the corner? I believe this is another long-time Fairfield staple - not quite 40 years in town but getting close. Chef Giulio makes a delicious pie here."  and was followed a little while later by Kevin (Mark is my big brother) Beyerly  who asked a question... "Is this gonna be Pizza week kind of like golf week a couple of weeks ago?" (Keep watching Kevin, time will tell) He also added a crtique of the previous days place when he wrote "Mike's was great when we had it"

It seems the whole Beyerly family got involved yesterday as I noticed some "likes" being put up by Jackie (The young buck is mine) Beyerly and Sandy (What? He's a good father) Beyerly. But where are the chef and Alexander, Kristie and the rest of the regular contributors? Lets go people! We want to finish strong and there are just a couple of weeks left.

Oh yea, the answer... Mark did have his clues in order and the official answer is Luigi's restaurant which has been in business one year less than Mike's at about 38yrs. Longevity is not easy to come by and both spots have stood the test of time and continue to get good reviews. I guess there is something to be said for experience and doing things right. Cheers guys, thanks for playing along!

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