Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rosé of the day - Tuesday August 20, 2013

Domaine Ott Chateau de Selle Rosé 2012 $49.99

Tasting notes: Pale robe with golden highlights. The fine nose is evocative of peach and lemon, with cinnamon and vanilla notes. In the mouth there is a combination of the fine terroir, full-bodiedness and fresh fruitiness.

Varietals: Grenache 50% + Cinsault 30% + Syrah 15% + Cabernet Sauvignon 5%

Region: Cotes de Provence, France

Monday's answer:
Yesterday was going to be tough since the first couple of answers were Fairly general, Tracey Thomas was first with "FAIRFIELD BEACH" followed by Jackie (fingers crossed) Beyerly with "Penfield Beach?" and I would say that an arguement for the answers to be correct could be made but we waited to see what else would be posted and a little while later Ellen Grecco Gilmore came by and gave us what we were looking for with "Penfield Lighthouse." Nicely done Ellen.

Next up... Alexander Dacey with "Maine!" errr... No... Stay a bit closer to home Alexander.

Chefmichaelatyourservice was our next player and fell into the same trap Tracey and Jackie did with "Penfield Beach" Now we're not calling anyone "wrong" just not specific enough to be "right". Thanks to the good chef for playing though.

Kristie Coneys Kuhl sometimes disappers for awhile but when she puts up an answer, it is right. Yesterday was no exception, and she likes the wine! Her answer was "That is one of my favorite rosés. The picture is of Penfield Lighthouse" Mine too Kristie! In fact Jan and I drank that very bottle with Grilled Peaches and Burrata (Recipe from Fairfield Cheeses Company) and we finished the bottle with Grilled Swordfish. Yum!

Mark (let's do this right) Beyerly came by a bit later and put the stamp on it with "Given the close proximity of the lighthouse to "shore" (and the rocky foreground), I am guessing this was taken on Penfield Reef, looking out at the rumored to be haunted Penfield Reef Lighthouse - first built in 1874." Yes Mark, it was a long walk out the reef to the site of the picture taking, thank you for noticing. Low tide, Sunday afternoon around 4pm and a race back to the beach following the trek. Ran into a couple of customers along the way too.

Kevin (Mark is my big brother) Beyerly was there to lend support with "I agree with Mark. He is usually right." yeah, yeah... Mark is Mr. Fairfield, we know, we know already...

Sandy (This baby is getting big) Beyerly also put her support behind Mark when she posted ""Usually" right? I married the guy - he's got a 99.9% chance of being right about everything...." Hmmm, Am I reading that right or is there a bit of sarcasm in that post? I am not sure about the 99.9%, but he did a good job picking his wife.

And last but not least...  Steve Geronimo came by and offered this "One of my favorite places in the world.... Penfield Reef, pretty far out there too" and thank you for noticing that we did walk allll the way out there for the best vantage point to take the picture.


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