Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rosé of the day - Wednesday August 21, 2013

Domaine De La Petite Cassagne Rosé 2012 $10.99

Tasting notes: A lovely pale salmon color, Petite Cassagne’s 2012 rosé serves up generous helpings of Rainier cherry and golden raspberry fruit accented by spicy, herbal garrigue and a brightening limestone minerals. A delicious mélange of raspberry, tangerine and red grapefruit. On the finish, the wine’s garrigue expression comes to the fore to add complexity and an appetizing savory edge.

Varietals: 25% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 25% Cinsault and 25% Mouvedre

Region: Costières de Nîmes, France

Tuesday's answer:
This may be the easiest follow-up to a post to date. There were a good number of answers given and they were all the same (relatively) which means that I can get through them and give you todays puzzle fairly quickly. It's 9:50am now so lets see how it goes.

Ellen Grecco Gilmore was our first posters and put up "That's the main entrance to Fairfield U!" Right you are Ellen, thank you!

Jackie (I'll get this) Beyerly made it quick and easy... Two words "Fairfield University" also a correct answer
Susan L. Melcher was in line next and put up "Main entrance to Fairfield U" and was the third person of the day to get it right. Nicely done Susan.

Chefmichaelatyourservice came by and did it in six words but was a bit more specific "North Benson Entrance to Fairfield University." and like the others was correct. Thanks chef.

Mark (I'm afraid of Bambi) Beyerly put up a typically cryptic answer instead of making it easy like everyone else but we get the drift. I think?! "My Alma Matter. Go Stags! Fear the deer (but drink the rose...)" You drink Rosé and are afraid of deer, right? :)

Peter Swetckie was our next in line and his answer "Entrance to fu and prep", Good, we'll take it.

Finally, Kevin (My big brother used to hide when Bambi was on) Beyerly brought up the rear when he had some fun with his answer "The "U"...Fairfield style!" Thanks K

Today is a bit more obsure but is unique to our town. I wonder how many will be able to figure it out.

Good luck!

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