Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rosé of the day - Thursday August 22, 2013

 Le Petit Saint-Jacques Rosé 2012 $9.99

Tasting notes: deep pink, great nose, vibrant strawberry and red berry characters, well controlled, ripe with lively acidity and balanced finish

Varietals: 100 % Syrah

Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, Minervois, France

Wednesday's answer:
Hump day had lots of attention but I will say that I didn't understand all of it. Here is a recap...

We started out stronger than I expected when  Jackie (quick draw) Beyerly jumped right in and blew up my hopes for a difficult day by coming up with the answer in a very short time. She said  "Its the CT Audubon Society in Fairfield....." which is right but those run on dots (....), hmmm, was she thinking something else. What am I waiting for? The answer is there clear as day but maybe there is more?? 

Well that started the downhill slide for me. Up next was Darren Hongo who wrote "That's Kacher Jacey Haskell". Which was confusing enough to me (can anyone help me on this) but the next response was just as confusing when Jacey Haskell responded "Why I liked it Darren Hongo". Errr... ok... I'm not sure what they're exchange was but I did look at each profile pic and they are both of small children?! 

Ok, lets get back on track.

Chefmichaelatyourservice stopped in and said "No Guess today.... Thought it might be a "school theme week" with the children going back next week... Sacred Heart Univ. LOL" Children at Sacred Heart? Young men and women yes, but there is more with children. Am I missing something? 
I digress, not this time chef sorry. 

Kevin (Stumped) Beyerly jumped in next and apparently overlooked Jackies answer as he posted "No clue, I need more firehouses..." Does this happen at home too Jackie? Sorry Kevin but the firehouses are done and if you look at the next poster you will see that your lady has got it about half right...

Jackie (Pay attention Kevin)Beyerly says "There's only 5 firehouses KB.....maybe the Super Duper Weenie will make an appearance????" Oy! this is going nowhere. have you been following along Jackie? 

Where the heck is Mark? Someone get Mark! This is all falling apart today!

Mark (Did somebody call me) Beyerly finally came by to fix this mess, or so I thought, but he didn't help much  "Unsure but I think Audobon up on Burr Street is a good guess!" Yeah, thanks Mark, can you please reign these people in, I'm pretty busy at the store today and these people are all over the place.

We wrapped up with
Kevin (Me pay attention? how about you, Super Duper Weenie, hello)Beyerly Was able to clear things up just a bit when he pointed Jackie in the right direction by posting "Probably not gonna see Super Duper Weenie again...that made an appearance already back on July 10th..." That is right Kevin, thanks. But now you are using the run on dots (...) Is there something I'm missing with you two?

Ok everyone, lets get it together and get back on track. Today should be easy enough to get us going again.

Lets see what you have!

PS. Happy Birthday Janice, I Love You!

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