Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rosé of the day - Thursday July 25, 2013

Chateau Soucherie Rosé 2012 $16.99

Tasting notes: Pale salmon color hues.  On the nose, faint aromas of strawberries, roses and mineral.  On the palate, flavors hints of strawberries, lemon and citrus juices.  There’s a fair amount of acidity here that makes your mouth pucker and your face contort; in a good way of course.

Varietals: Grolleau (70%) and Gamay (30%)

Region: Loire Valley, France

Wednesday's answer:
 Two responses came yesterday, first from Alexander Dacey who came up with "I dunno, but its classy". It doesn't really qualify as a guess but he is right on some level. The place is "Classy" and in fact the bottle looks quite at home sitting amoungst the art. I'm sorry to say that we need a bit more to be able to say that you solved the puzzle.

Next up was the very consistant Mark (Vacation knocked me off my game) Beyerly who put up  "I would say an art gallery. Perhaps in downtown Fairfield. This is a tough week!" and for the second day in a row he was headed in the right direction but was unable to finish the job. Yes, it is an art gallery but it isn't in downtown Fairfield, it is however in downtown Southport (tried to give you the clue last night) and the correct answer was "Southport Galleries" appropriately enough. 

Ok, lets shake the last couple off and finish the week strong. I will remind Mark (*tear) Beyerly that there is no whining in Rosé of the day. We do invite "Wining" but Whining is strictly prohibited. Is that clear soldier?

Today should help many to get back on track so lets see how many of you can get us the right answer!

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