Friday, August 23, 2013

Rosé of the day - Friday August 23, 2013

Theodorakakos 300 Rosé 2012 $11.99

Tasting notes: Bright pink color, intense flavor bouquet with distinctive flavour of rose, cherry and bubble gum. Rich sweet and sour flavour, silky tannins cool and sweet.

Varietals: Roeditsa

Region: Sparta, Greece

Wednesday's answer:
It wasn't so long ago that the Pequot Library was slated for closure. The town budget was submitted and there would be no money available. Typical of our great town of Fairfield, there was a grassroots effort to "Save the Library" and it worked! Once again the residents of this town went to protect something that they cared about. Just like the many small businesses that offer so much diversity to our town are frequented by all of you.

Lets see how the game went yesterday:
Jackie (I'm seeing dots) Beyerly was again our first player and came up with our answer once again. She posted "Pequot Library in Southport....there's those dots again!" yea, those dots, they say it is the first sign of madness :)

Mark (The Shepherd) Beyerly was by pretty quickly to get thing back in order and attempt to refocus things for our final run as we come down the stretch with our "Rosé of the day".  His post was a stern and focused message "Not sure what the heck people were talking about yesterday. Snap put of it people! Today is an easy one - Pequot Library in Southport. Not a pizzeria, not a firehouse......." That is right Mark! You tell 'em.

Chefmichaelatyourservice was in next and came up with the right answer "Pequot Library" was the answer from the good chef. Nicely done! Our good chef is making a bit of a habit out of seeing into the future. A couple of days ago he made mention of todays clue. Interesting.

Kevin (I don't have to listen to you) Beyerly came by and picked up on the Beyerly family dots as he posted " ...Wow, Mark is a little feisty today. Pequot Library indeed." Don't give your brother any lip Mister! Your answer was correct.

And of course Jackie (hey thats my husband) Beyerly came it to stand up for her guy "Maybe Mark needs some Rose to mellow out"  oh, I think he's doing just fine.

Susan L. Melcher was our next player and posted her answer "Yep......Pequot Library." Nicely done Susan, Thank you.

Finally we had our first answer from Michael Knipp as he guessed  "William Miller's house?" Sorry Michael, not this time. I can see how the mistake could be made. It does look alot like his place. :)

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