Monday, August 26, 2013

Rosé of the day - Monday August 26, 2013

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé 2012

Tasting notes: Light orange-pink.  Heady aromas of pit fruits, orange pith, strawberry and white flowers, with a subtle herbal quality in the background.  Fleshy, palate-staining nectarine and red berry flavors are braced by zesty minerality and show impressive depth.  Clings with impressive tenacity and leaves suave floral and candied citrus notes behind.

Varietals: 50% mourvedre, 28% grenache, 20% cinsault and 2% carignan

Region: Bandol, Provence, France

Please Read:
As we embark on our final week of Rosé of the day we are a bit melancholy about it.  Renzo has been sent out on many "missions" and although we will have posted more than 100 places since April 15th, we just have not had enough time to fully celebrate our fine town and all that it has to offer. There are still many unexplored small businesses that have contacted us in hopes of being our subject of the day. There are still a number of Rosés that have been left untouted and yet here we are... wrapping up summer 2013 with the precursor week to Labor Day. We thought that rather than spend the week on restaurants or other public service organization, landmark homes, the remaing jewerly shops, barbers/hairdressers, thrift shops, delis, clothiers or Dr.s, Dentists, etc...

Do you see our problem here? Fairfield has so much to offer!

We are going to do a more general celebration. We are all Fairfielders! Each of us wears the badge with great pride and with good reason. Within our borders we often break down were we live, there are a number of "sections" of Fairfield and each has something to offer so why not do a broader scope look in our final week. This week we will not be looking for the name of a business, Landmark or which church we are highlighting. This week will be dedicated to the area we are visiting for the day.

Today is our first general area and the picture contains a few of the small businesses that we weren't able to capture individually. These are businesses that are unique to our town and this particular section of it. Can you tell us where we are?

Friday's Answer:

Lynne D'Eramo was the first to act Friday and was also the first correct answer with "Sacred Heart University". Well done Lynne!

Like Mark (Bambi phobia) Beyerly and his "Fear the Deer" answer Domenico J Iorfino went to the Mascot and posted "Go Pioneers!"... We'll take it. Thanks Domenico.

Kevin (My big brother isn't afraid of deer, spiders yes, but not deer) Beyerly was next in line with a nice compliment to Renzo when he posted "Great picture! It is Sacred Heart, I wonder what the object is the photo is taken against. Maybe a shiny campus vehicle or one of their shiny red rubbish receptacles that contain the logo as well? Please do tell." You Beyerly's are good, In fact it is one of the campus vehicles, a shuttle bus to be exact.

Jackie (The Scholar) Beyerly was on board with the previous posters and said "Agreed Sacred Heart. This week seemed like an educational theme with schools and libraries.....just saying" Well, part of the week anyway. Remember, we started out on Penfield reef with the lighthouse so we weren't all books and colleges.

It took a bit of time before we heard from him but Mark (Wet mop) Beyerly did come by later in the day to put the brakes on our fun when he "correctly" pointed out a flaw. He said "Let's clarify - this is the Sacred Heart logo - but WHERE this actually was taken is unknown and cannot be deciphered from the photo (Renzo, you are slipping...). And, since part of the Sacred Heart campus is in Bridgeport and some in Fairfield, it may not even be taken in our town! It could even be the Stamford campus....Just sayin... But - nice bottle." Erm... Well we are glad that you approve of the bottle... and you are, well, "right" I suppose. We could have tried to pull the wool over everyones eyes and we could have driven down to Stamford to take the picture but I'll just let our track record speak for itself.

Chefmichaelatyourservice was our final player on Friday and was straight to it with "Sacred Heart University" and of course was right. Thank you chef.

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