Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rosé of the day - Tuesday August 27, 2013

Yves Cuilleron Syrah Rose Sybel $16.99
Tasting notes: This is robust and fruity with a touch of spicy strawberry that makes it a fine companion at the picnic table. Simple, straight-forward and satisfying-a fine value. 
Varietals: Syrah

Region: Northern Rhone, France

Monday's Answer:
 There are a good number of answers that will have worked for yesterday and Maureen Hart-Lenker gave us our first when she posted hers... "Post rd in Fairfield!". Correct!

Kevin (Special delivery) Beyerly was next and posted "Built as a system of mail delivery routes, that would be Post Road". Somehow his answer whas "hidden" and I did not see it at first but once I noticed that there was a hidden answer, we made it public. I hope it is ok, it was a good answer.

Chefmichaelatyourservice really went for it and gave us a bunch of the places seen in the videos "Middle Post Road: Bus Stop by Sherman Green, Fairfield Clothiers, Park Bench in front of Community Theater." Very detailed chef, I think you got most if not all of the different pieces in there. Tanks

Jackie (Dot) Beyerly was up next and said "I will jump on board with everyone else....Post Road" Good idea Jackie, that makes your right just like the other players. Thanks for playing along.

Peggy O'Leary aka "Mom" gave us a shout out all the way from Ireland and said "getting fancy there..." which we are I guess. Trying to get a lot into the short amount of time left for this promo. Hope you visit is going well.

Mark (Captain obvious) Beyerly made his way by a bit later in the day and was able to figure it out, well at least the idea that things were moving when he posted "Whoa. Animation?" I guess with your history we can call that a right answer. The pictures were moving and that is animation so...
FYI though Mark, we are looking for the section of Fairfield not the format of the clue.:)

Section or area number two is up for today. Renzo is still working on getting his new style together, there is a lot going on in a short period of time. He says he will have it perfected by the end of the week. We'll see. There were a record number of people that saw yesterdays clue which was fun from our end. Lets see how today goes.

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