Friday, August 9, 2013

The Magical Mystery Tour... He's going to take you away!

For the past 3 years "William's Magical Mystery Tour" has shown itself in a couple of different ways. Last year he took a group of participants on the road and they went out to the South Fork of Long Island to visited vineyards on a perfect summer day. It was an experience that the people who went are still talking about.

The two previous years we were treated to a selection of wines in a classroom setting that highlighted some of his favorite wines available in the store and each was chosen for a specific reason. Quality to Price ratio, Hard to find, Aging effects, A particular vineyards importance to the evolution of its region and so many more things have been visited.

William has a great depth of knowledge and an amazingly approachable style of teaching that always makes for an exciting experience at his event. This year we are going to sit back down in our usual spot next door at the Cheese shop for the evening and see what this king of mystery can come up with this time. You can be part of the fun! There are still seats remaining and we hope you will join us for this unique opportunity.

This class is sure to sellout so get your seat now!

Details below:

William’s Magical Mystery Tour
Wednesday, September 18
$30 per person
RSVP (203) 259-4692

Harry’s own William Miller has agreed to step to the plate and will challenge all comers to a blind tasting that will challenge your perception of value in wine. We make it our business to find great values in the wine world from $10 to $100 dollars and more. The question is… Can you tell the difference? William will be asking that question as he shows the class some new wines from around world.

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