Friday, August 16, 2013

Rosé of the day - Friday August 16, 2013

 Ruinart Brut Rosé NV $69.99

Tasting notes: A delicious Champagne full of rose petal, wheat, cherry and citrus notes, all supported by a vivid acidity and chalky texture. An innate sense of power on a lightweight frame. Lengthy finish.

Varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Region: Champagne, France

Thursday's answer:
Running behind today so we'll try to do this fairly quickly and see how it goes...
First and foremost we at Harry's want to express our gratitude to not only the Firemen and women that keep us safe and help us through toughest moments but also the Police, EMS, town crew and all of the others that don't get enough in the way of gratitude along the way. We recognize how vital you are to our safety and comfort and we hope everyone will join us as we toast you and say Thank You!

Kevin (I'm faster that big brother) Beyerly was first yesterday and made it simple "Station 5..."The Hill"" and was right on target, thanks.

Jackie (he's a little too quick if you ask me) Beyerly follow right behind with  "Looks like Kevin fired away on his answer....." (pun intended I assume) "I have to agree with him though on Fire Station 5....small fact....there are 3 firemen at the fire station at any one time" Good to know there are always three watching out.

Susan L. Melcher joined the frey and followed suit with her answer "Fire Station on Congress Street in Greenfield Hill" Good job Susan, thanks for joining in. 

Jill Miller Rabideau with her first answer of the game shortened it a bit but gave us enough to know she is on it when she posted "Congress", thanks for jumping in with us Jill. 

Chefmichaelatyourservice was of course in the mix and has gotten his houses straightened out after a faltering Monday. He chimed in with "Firehouse on Congress St" Yes indeed my good chef!

Eric Gidley came by and put up a different kind of guess and that was an assumption that because we were toasting our Fire Departments that we are running short of  still wines in our Rosé section when he put up "Looks like we are running out of Rosés if we are turning to sparkling." Good guess but not true. We do have a good many sparklers but we could easily make it to Labor day with the number of still wines we have on the rack. Just a gesture to or hose handlers :)

Then of course Mark (No one knows this game like me) Beyerly put in his two cents and correctly pointed out that the rosé chosen was quite good with "Now THAT is a bubbly!" If you think that one is good, look at today's! he finished with  "Since I seem to be the slow guy here and can't keep up with the siblings, can I guess tomorrow's location? SPOILER ALERT: Fairfield Fire HQ on Reef Road?" Don't worry about keeping up, you've set the pace the whole game Mr. Beyerly and as usual, your pre-guess for today is right on target. Good job!


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