Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rosé of the day - Wedesday August 27, 2013

Triennes Rosé 2012 1.5ltr
Tasting notes: This wine has a bouquet of strawberries and white flowers with hints of vanilla. It has the harmony and elegance that has earned world-wide appreciation of the rosés of Provence. Triennes rosé is the perfect accompaniment to a sunny summer afternoon. 
Varietals:  Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Merlot
Region: Provence, France

Monday's Answer:
Apparently I made a mistake yesterday and titled our post on Facebook "Monday August 26, 2013" which caused some confusion for a good number of people. My mistake, I'll be more careful today.
It looks like Renzo has calmed him shaking hand a bit and is trying not to do too much with his final clues which is making today easier to see and follow. He went out and shot 2 of his final 4 yesterday and though he got a bunch in to each of the videos that he took (they move fast so don't blink), when he got back he reiterated how much there still is out there.
Doing this makes you stop and smell the rosés a bit (pun intended), meaning... all of the things that we typically drive by without much notice or say to ourselves "I should stop in there to see what it is", have much more closely looked at us this past spring and summer. It's been a great run and it isn't over yet.
In the past two days we have looked at a couple "sections" of Fairfield. The first was "Post road" aka "Downtown" and the second was "Southport". Today we look at a third and then tomorrow and Friday, a couple more.

Ok, back to yesterday's answer...
Kevin (Count down) Beyerly was or first player yesterday and posted "Three animated windows, very nice! Southport Historic District would be my guess." and you would be right Kevin! He followed up with a sentiment that many of us share when he said "T Minus 3 Rose and counting. I am bummed!" You and me both Kevin.

Second was Mark (I'm a little green around the gils) Beyerly who noticed all of the motion in yesterdays post and said it like this "The bobbing Rose is making me a little seasick. Maybe a tripod Renzo?" Couldn't agree more Mark, he is trying hard to squeeze as much in as possible and then he had the idea of taking a "still" with the water in the background still moving. Good idea but the execution was tough especially with animation in the other two windows. I felt a bit like I was on a boat. Mark completed his answer by posting "Looks like Southport though" and as usual he was right on target.

Next was Jamie Cooper who took it to the next level by posting "Clockwise: Trinity Church in Southport; Yves Cuilleron at Southport Beach; downtown Southport" Wow! that is pretty impressive Jamie! I hope you didn't get vertigo trying to decipher all of the moving pics. That is pretty good, thanks.

Finally, The good chef, Chefmichaelatyourservice put in his answer for the day and wrote "Pequot Ave., Southport." and was also right. Thanks everyone!

Ok, Lets finish it up strong!
Lots of energy today as we plow through "hump day" (gotta love that commercial) and get ready for the holiday weekend.

- Cheers

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