Monday, August 12, 2013

Rosé of the day - Monday August 12, 2013

Clos D'Alari Petit Clos 2012 $15.99

Tasting notes: Color : Shimmers of pale rose, brilliant. Nose : White flowers, delicacy. Taste : Lovely balance and delicacy with fresh apricots

Varietals: Cinsault 55%, Syrah 20%, Grenache 10%, Rolle 10%, Mourvèdre 5%

Region: Côtes de Provence, France

Friday's answer:
Good morning everyone, it is once again Monday morning and we embark on another week of Rosé of the Day. This week there is a theme so lets see who can identify it first. We had a few questions about the theme last week and in the end there wasn't one. I have to admit that we had planned to use this weeks theme earlier (I may have even mentioned the idea of a theme to a few people) but we weren't able to coordinate it so it got pushed off. That didn't stop me from using it as a Red Herring last week as we started by showing three of our classic Pizza places around Fairfield. Our Friday picture seems to nod at the confusion a little if you look at the child in front who has a peaceful but questioning expression.

Lets see what you had to say Friday...

Jackie (Pizza, Pizza) Beyerly did not miss the joke as she put up "The statues are also asking "Where's the pizza??" ". Yes Jackie, it did seem like there was more Pizza to come but it was not meant to be. It seems to me that they are saying "This wasn't our idea, we're innocent"

Peggy Rawley Walsh was our first correct answer as she put up "Holy Family Church?" Ah yes, that is right and it does make a lot more sense than statues worrying about our game. There right in front of the church is "The Holy Family". Good job Peggy! BTW, Peggy is my moms name and it is her birthday today. She follows along so lets wish her a Happy Birthday Mom!

Chefmichaelatyourservice was not far behind and confirmed Peggy's answer and added that he was quite familiar with the location when he posted "My Church, Holy Family on Stratfield Rd." Good job Chef.

Mark (My family likes Pizza) Beyerly was the next to post and he confirmed that Peggy and Chef were correct and like the rest of the Beyerly clan continued to search for the elusive theme... "Sorry. No pizza here".... I think Peggy and the Chef got it. So - what is the theme of the week? Pizza pizza pizza deli church? Maybe it's "family"???" Errr, yes, yes... it is family, yeah thats right, good job Mark! (Did I mistakenly tell you there was a theme?) Sorry about that :)

Finally,  Maryhelen Melnick came by and reconfirmed the answer by putting up "Holy family church". Well done Maryhelen! BTW, Where is Steve? No golf and no boats so he just disappears? If you see him, tell him we were wondering about him.

Ok, all lets see what you come up with. Good Luck!

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