Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rosé of the day - Wednesday July 3, 2013

Alois Lageder Rosé 2012 $16.99

Tasting notes: Fruit sourced from vineyards planted in the Bolzano area to deep and rich alluvial soils. After maceration, the grapes were fermented and aged on their lees in stainless steel tanks. An inviting, medium-bodied Rosé that presents distinct red berry notes with hints of violets on the fresh and long finish.

Varietals: Lagrein

Region: Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol, Italy

Tuesday's answer: With a dozen people involved yesterday on our Facebook page it seemed to be a well received picture that we put up. Aside from those that commented or liked the post there I have spoken to many over the last couple of days that just want to make sure that we aren't going to pull the plug on this thing anytime soon. Justine D. was among them and when I assured her that we would keep it going through Labor day she asked me "What are you going to do next?".

She got me with that one... Hadn't really thought about it much. We're having fun with this and, well, I guess we'll have to put the thinking cap on. Hmmm...

Back to yesterday's answer, Marlene Goldbronn Kimberly was first in with "Seagrape?" Which earned the nod as we "liked" her answer and is part of the property although a different business from the main part of the picture, most townies do know that corner as "The Grape". The real answer was hinted at by Mark (game cop) Beyerly who wrote "Hmm, the Seagrape can just barely be made out "Inn" the picture, but I'm not sure that is what the photographer intended....", Which, I have to admit is true, Curses!

Chefmichaelatyourservice concurred with Mark and correctly answered "The Inn at Fairfield Beach", Well done Chef, but one question... Where have you been? We do get used to seeing our regulars you know.

Susan L. Melcher also agreed as she posted "Yep......the Inn at Fairfield Beach.", Well done Susan thanks for the help!

Finally, Amy Cyphers Albert jumped in and answered  "Seagrape!". This time Game cop let the answer ride and we "liked" it without any futher trouble from him. I wonder if it because the kid in her profile picture is so cute or if he noticed that she worked at Seatle Genetics and is worried that I might ask her for "a favor". Careful, Mr. Beyerly, you never know.

Today is a bit unusual but if you know the spot it will jump out quick. Lets see how thing go. Good luck!

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