Monday, July 1, 2013

Rosé of the day - Monday July 1, 2013

Txomin Etxaniz Getariako Txakolina Rose 2012 $22.99

Tasting notes: Weird and Wonderful Basque Rose! Pale orange. Intensely floral bouquet offers spicy red berries, orange zest, white flowers and minerals. Energetic and juicy, with fresh, incisive citrus fruit and redcurrant flavors underscored by a chalky mineral tone. Finishes firm and dry, with excellent clarity and lingering spiciness

Varietals: Hondarrabi Beltza and Hondarrabi Txuri

Region: Getaria, Basque region, Spain

Friday's answer: Were you watching... Did you see it? Just in case any of you missed it I'll help out by reposting it here...
This is how he put it up- Mark Beyerly- "Prepare yourself: I have no idea."
So simply written and it has such beauty to it. 
Mark (I have no idea) Beyerly, (has sort of a ring to it don't you think?) Gets Stumped!
Ok Mr. Beyerly it is time you prepare yourself! Today we have flowers again and we know what happened last time... "Stumped. I have no idea...." Ah yes what a lovely memory and today we have another opportunity. So exciting!

Now for the correct answer:

A drum roll please....

Cindy Carley Barker has burst on to the scene with three in a row. Friday she was the only participant to correctly guess our picture and here is what she posted "Our Saviors Lutheran Church on Hill Farm Road.....I remember when the lot next door was all strawberry fields. Now it's their parking lot!"
100% correct. Good to have you on board!
Eight other people "liked" our picture and inside of the doors here at the store the were a number of inquiries about the photo and its location but no one else was able to pin point it.
Today could be a tough one. Time will tell.

CLUE: Approximately as often as we do our Rosé of the day promotion, so to speak:    _ _ _ _ _ _'s

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