Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rosé of the day - Thursday July 4, 2013

A to Z Pinot noir Rosé 2012 $12.99

Tasting notes: The A to Z Rose has bright and vibrant aromas of wild strawberries, red currants, peach, watermelon, cherries, raspberries and hibiscus with hints of rosemary and thyme. In the mouth, the juicy attack is a riot of red fruit and melon flavors that move into a mid-palate that is bright and rich all at once. The wine ultimately finishes crisp and clean with lingering flavors of strawberries and lavender. Pure enjoyment!

Varietals: Sangiovese

Region: Southern Oregon, USA

Wednesday's answer:
First, We would like to wish a Happy 4th of July to everyone!
This day commemorates our countries Declaration of Independence and is a very important day to each of us and our freedoms. We are fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world!
While we don't always agree with aspects of our leaders decisions, it isn't hard to look around the world with all of its turmoils and feel fortunate to live here. More, we live in and around Fairfield Connecticut which offers us a wonderful, safe place to raise our families and live our lives.
Please take a moment on this Independence Day to look at the billboard in the picture and recite quietly to yourself our out loud with your loved ones the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and all it stands for.

Done? Good, on we go...

For the third day in a row Old Glory has been in our picture as we led up to today. Yesterday we were at the Scandanavian Club down the road were our flag flies along side those of the Nordic region of Europe.

Gretchen Kuhn was our first person to guess when she put up "Fairfield Beach?". I have a picture in my head that I think was in hers also where after climbing off of the beach and crossing the parking lot there is a play area with swings and such. The picture does have that feel but i am sad to say that it isn't the correct spot.

Next up was Steve Melnick who came up with the correct answer first yesterday and he said it simply but emphatically - "Scandinavian Club!" good job Steve

Chefmichaelatyourservice says "Easy one.... Scandinavian Club on South Pine Creek Rd." Which is also correct and a bit more specific. This was followed by Michael Chelak who tells us that "Chef Michael has been working, working, working.

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