Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rosé of the day - Wednesday July 24, 2013

Domaine Sarrail Carcassone Rosé 2012 $9.99

Tasting notes: A bright, fresh wine with powerful aroma of flowers, pear and a note of lychee. The palate is light and fruity with great finesse.

Varietals: 100% Cinsault

Region: Languedoc, France

Tuesday's answer:
Lots of thoughts yesterday and among those we had a few right answers so lets get in to it. Our first answer came from Maureen Hart-Lenker who seemed a little unsure of her answer but went ahead and guessed "Ganim's?" and was right! No need for the question mark, you nailed it. I looked in a little while later and noticed that Marilee Ganim "liked" her answer too, Not bad, you got the centers owner involved Maureen.

Next up- Chefmichaelatyourservice and he was a little unsure also but started off by disecting the photo for its clues, "It's an outside photo because of the tree & telephone pole in background... " and then he just put it out there..."Wild guess, 1 of the 2 nurseries on Bronson Rd. ???...." Just like Maureen the answer was a question and in this case he was off track but something was pressing at him about Maureen's answer because he finished with "but probably Maureen is correct" and indeed she was which sort of makes you right too.

Third was Eric Gunnar Sundman who simply and without question put up "Hansens." and was off the mark, it was a fair enough guess but this time you missed the bullseye Eric, sorry. Lets see what you have today.

Our final answer was provided by Mark (Eagle eye) Beyerly who put up this "Nothing flowery from me today - I'm going to go with Ganim's as well - I think you can just make out the sign on the left hand side of the picture." And was of course correct. I thought Renzo did a nice job with the visual clues in this one. Chef commented on some of those clues and Mark did also.

I was down at Ganim's a few weeks ago to do some shopping and asked Lee to be involved with our game and he agreed. Last week my memory was jogged when I did "Ladies Night" with them on a sultry Thursday evening with a couple dozen other small business owners and a local musician. This was their second year of the event and was a hit with more than 200 ladies doing some local shopping and enjoying snacks and a few sips of wine. Nicely done by the Ganim family. Lee has his kids Austin and Marilee working along side him carrying on the family tradition started by his father which is very similar to our own shop and just like Harry's is more than a Liquor store, these guys are more than a Garden center. Lots of knowledge in this place.

Lets see how everyone does today...

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