Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rosé of the day - Wednesday July 17, 2013

Chateau Grande Cassagne Rosé 2012 $9.99

Tasting notes: This Rose comes from tiny berries of forty-plus year old vines. Fermented a short time on its skins, it retains an electric pink color, soaring aromatics, and fully dry palate. Serve well chilled!

Varietals: 60% Syrah, 35% Grenache, 5% Mourvedre

Region: Costières de Nimes, France

Wednesday's answer:
 As we started the day on Tuesday I was worried that our themed week was going to alienate some of our players by its less mainstream subject. I was particulary nervous that some of the ladies that frequently get involved were not going to relate easily. Well, once again I was wrong (seems to be sort of a regular occurance).

Susan Komisar Hausman was the first person to respond and while she didn't put up a guess for the location that the picture was taken, She was able to related to the wine that we put up as she said "Not sure, but that wine is calling my name...". Ah yes, the Rosé itself! Each day we have found a new place around town to shoot the picture but we also show you a new Rosé that we have in our inventory. Susan may not have had a guess on on our location but the wine had her attention, and she wasn't the only one!

Melanie Blum Verrengia was our next responder and she was straight to the location and made it very staright forward "Country Club of FFld" was her answer and it was right. Nicely done Melanie.

Soon after Maryhelen Melnick was equally succinct as she answered almost identically with "country club of Fairfield" which was equally well done. Thanks Melanie!

Mark (The Historian) Beyerly was back to his initials (He is a very busy man) and put up "CC of F indeed." but he didn't stop there, he also gave a brief lesson on the location and let us know these facts... "Also once known as "Mosquito Hill" and covered with onion fields sloping to the tidal marsh.Certainly much nicer nowadays." He then finished off by agreeing with our initial answer by Susan and said. "Great picture and an even better wine" Guess it was calling his name too.

Finally, Steve Melnick (any relationship to Maryhelen?) put up what I think was a veiled answer, you'll have to confirm my suspicion Steve. He wrote "This one is going to drive me crazy" Get it? Golf course, Drive... I'm not completely sure but that is my guess and if Melanie... oh forget it. Let us know if you have a minute.

Chef? Hello, are you still around? Has anyone seen the Chef?

Ok, on to today. I suspect that by today the theme is obvioust to some if not all of our followers. Take a minute and post your answers to Facebook about today's location but lets see if some of you can include our theme.

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