Friday, July 19, 2013

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, July 19

Your host is John Zuluaga of Latis Imports
We take a brief hiatus from our Ct brewery tour (we will rejoin that next Friday) to help celebrate Belgium's Independence Day slated for Sunday the 21st. First we celebrated our own on the 4th of July, last week was France with Bastille Day on the 14th and now Belgium which officially happens on Sunday. Stop in to taste some of what Belgium has to offer and stock up early for the celebration! 

Palm           $9.69/6pb
It is neither heavy nor bitter, and is a true alternative/upgrade for your customers who drink Heineken or Stella Artois. It is slightly more flavorful than those brews, with a clean finish.

Estaminet   $9.69/6pb
Slow, traditional bottom fermentation, a brewing process based on an original recipe and maturation for a full six weeks make ESTAMINET a true Belgian Premium Pils.

Rodenbach $12.99/6pb
Rodenbach’s subtle sour undertones make it a real thirst-quencher. Acclaimed beer connoisseur Michael Jackson calls Rodenbach “the most refreshing beer in the world.”

Steenbrugge        $16.29/4pb
Blond beer with a warm, full-bodied flavour in combination with Bruges’ subtle herbal mixture (gruut).

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