Monday, July 29, 2013

Rosé of the day - Monday July 29, 2013

Château d'Esclans Garrus 2012 $99.99

Tasting notes: White fruit and berry flavors intermingle on the palate along with a round body. The finish is gentle yet long lasting, and every sip makes you come back for more. For such a rare style of wine, it is delicious and should be on the life list of every serious wine lover. Not a lot of this wine is made--between 2-3,000 bottles per year.

Varietals: Grenache, Vermentino

Grenache and Vermentino
Grenache and Vermentino
Region: Côtes de Provence, France

Friday's answer:
Well leave it to me to guess wrong again. I t really never entered my mind that there would not be a correct guess for Friday's picture. Even when it looked like we needed a clue, I thought that since we had the whole weekend, surely someone would come up with it. It was not meant to be this time.

Our first of two responding players was Mark (My mind is still on vacation) Beyerly who put up " Officially stumped today!" and then faded into the weekend to enjoy what was left of his vacation. 

Chefmichaelatyourservice was our second and final answer and said "Vintage photo of Greenfield "Hill" Congragational Church ???" but alas, his answer was another swing and a miss. As much as the photo looked like it was vintage, that was only Renzo's use of Instagrams editting features. 

Nope, this one was the one that made everyone say "Hmmm". We tried a few google friendly clues but this church doesn't have a very big internet presence and it wasn't going to be easy if you didn't get in a car and search it out. Friday was one for the home team and this time we got you. 

So, what was the answer? The First Baptist Church on Church Hill rd. and it is off of Stratfield rd. Fairfield Patch had the best google-ablility and that is where we divined our clues base on one or two sentences that might help. They said:
This charming "church on the hill" dates back to 1813. Today, The First Baptist Church of Fairfield is an independent evangelical church with a small community. 

Ok back to work everyone. Monday starts a new week and we've got a good one to get things going.

Who is going to be our fastest to the keyboard today?

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