Friday, July 12, 2013

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, July 12

Your host will be Alex of Harry's staff and he will be sampling Hartford Better Beer Co.

IPA                 $8.99/6pb

Clear cherry-mahogany red appearance, dense and lacy head lasts all the way down. Bold citrus aroma, (hint of tangerine), almond and pine. Mild but detectable malt- nose, and cream up front in the flavor. With first big sip, the thirst-quenching hop flavors race from the front of the palate to the molars, and back. A hint of complex malt flows through in a second wave, without sweetness. The best of the big West Coast hop-monster craft brews meets the more delicate, traditional British Isles IPAs. Smooth drinkable body, on the lighter side. The aftertaste has a crisp and fleeting reiteration of the hop aroma, refreshingly fancy, draft-like, and balanced.
IBUs: 60  Alc by vol.: 6.0%

Amber                        $8.99/6pb

Bright brass color with a cream tint to its long-lingering lacy head. Clean fresh aroma, biscuit, citrus, cherry & toffee.  Complex flavor starts with a mild caramel malt tone, followed by cutting crisp & complex hop flavors. German Lager meets British Ale. Thirst quenching with a beery balanced almond-cedar influence, a smooth & perfect body. Exquisite aftertaste features sublime fruit, as the intense hop bite fades quickly into a pleasant dry mineral hard water finish that invites another. Made with 5 malts, 5 hops, hard water. ABV 4.9%

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