Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rosé of the day - Thursday July 25, 2013

Fort Ross Pinot Noir Rosé 2012 $27.99

Tasting notes: A brilliant hue with vivid aromatics of watermelon layered with guava, carnations and a hint of cardomon spice. This bright, full flavored, dry Rosé has a crisp red fruit palate with hints of citrus that are balanced by the signature minerality and refreshing acidity. Chilled Rosé perfectly complements summertime cooking and is an excellent aperitif.

Region: Sonoma Coast, California

Wednesday's answer: First in yesterday was Lynne D'Eramo as she put up a quick "Blinn's?" and her answer was of course right. Nicely done Lynne! Next time with conviction please, you know this town as well as anyone.

Mark (Please don't play on the tricycle sir) Beyerly says "It's fun to shop at Blinn's!" Err, yes it is Mark but you really shouldn't ride the toys while you're there. "Finest toy store in town. Emma loves it there." Uh, yea, Emma... (wink,wink)

Finally, Chefmichaelatyourservice put up his guess and explained his thinking "Don't think this is Blinn's. This tricycle looks like metal, not plastic. I think they stopped making metal trykes in 1965. LOL "Consignment" shop is calling me. (with the streamers & bell). I will say "Twice as Nice" on Post Rd. in Southourt." Very well thought out Chef but sad to say that even though you spent the time analyzing and constructing your argument, your conclusion was off the mark. It really was a simple as Blinn's!

 Blinn's gave us some pause because of the subject matter and our conversations about whether it was ok took some time, when all was said and done we decided that it would be more difficult to show our town as completely as we wanted to without showing Blinn's. These guys represent a lot of what this whole promotion has been about. They are one of many types of stores that our town of Fairfield supports while other towns around us and across this country get dominated by Big box stores that offer inferior products and service. Locally owned, Service oriented, and solid selection. It is nice to see that our local consumer puts such an emphasis on making sure that this type of store stays in business.

Finally, Kendra Guilfoile, freelance writer for a couple of publications (The Minuteman in this case) was in our store a few weeks back and she and I got to talking about this promotion and she, like many people, really liked the idea and the "feel" of its local connection. Last week she and I sat down and had a nice conversation where we talked about it a bit and in todays paper she has written a story around it. It is on page 9 and includes our picture that is todays clue (in black & white). The story is also online here in full color. A big thanks to Kendra for taking some time!

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