Monday, July 15, 2013

Rosé of the day - Monday July 15, 2013

 Henri Bourgeois "Petit Bourgeois" Rosé 2012 $10.99

Tasting notes: The wine has lovely light red cherries and roses on the nose, followed by red berries and dill on the palate. It's dry with nice acidity, perfect for summer sipping.

Varietals: Pinot Noir

Region: Loire Valley, France

Friday's answer: 
We had some fun and interesting answers to our game on Friday and it started with Tony Sanders who answered "Tower of London". This was Tony's first try and it is possible that he doesn't quite know haw the game works yet so lets just say sorry Tony not this time. Better luck today.
Second in was Chefmichaelatyourservice and he guessed "Southport Congregational Church on Pequot Av." which is a fair enough guess but once again it was a swing and a miss. Lets see what you come up with today Chef.
Finally, Mark (when you assume...) Beyerly put up his play on words answer "Let's not make the "assumption" that the first two answers are correct. They're not. Perhaps one of "our lady" friends might have a better answer??". Which promted his lovely wife Sandy (I got the short straw) Beyerly to get involved and for those that missed it, she wrote "Nice one, Mark Beyerly. Our Lady of the Assumption Church on Stratfield Road. Ouch - must you be so condescending, "Snarky, Marky"?
"Snarky Marky", has sort of a ring to it don't you think? It certainly brought a smile to my face! I do believe that it was the best answer of the week. It may not have anything to do with the picture or the game pre se but it was a gem. I like that Sandy, she's funny.

Ok, we picked a theme this week which will probably be obvious to many by tomorrow, no prizes on this one, we just wanted to have a little fun.

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