Friday, July 26, 2013

Rosé of the day - Friday July 26, 2013

Chateau Guiot Rosé 2012 $10.99

Tasting notes: The Chateau Guiot Rosé has an electric pink color, deeper than most Rosés. This wine displays an intense nose of rose petal, bing cherries and ripe strawberries. Supple and harmonious, this refreshing wine is perfect for summer drinking. Enjoy it in any outdoor setting, whether as an aperitif next to the pool or with friends and family during a barbecue.
Varietals: Grenache and Syrah, Cinsault

Region:Costières de Nîmes, France

Thursday's answer:

Joe Worthington was very quick yesterday and he put up "Lake Mohegan". Joe has been pretty prolific with the outdoors stuff and yesterday was no exception, his guess was correct again.

If you don't believe me just ask Marlene Goldbronn Kimberly, she was thie first to point out his speed and accuracy when she followed right behind him with "Damn u r fast Joe W & correct too". That in turn makes you correct Marlene.

Joe got plenty of pats on the back yesterday and Chefmichaelatyourservice was in a short time later to cooberate his answer and applaud his answer "Lake Mohegan.... congrats Joe". That wasn't all that Chef had for us though. He actually went to Blinn's from the day before and did some browsing for that bike we saw and came back with this "Footnote: I stopped by Blinn's yesterday. That metal tricycle retails for $ 120.00".

Finally, Mark (has anyone seen the SPF15) Beyerly chimed in with "Great shot! Perched on the BBQ overlooking the lovely, man-made Lake Mohegan." Hmmm, Man-made, I didn't know that. You see, this is why we're happy to have Mark around. He always has some more information that adds information to the game.

Just for fun I thought I would look at the analytics from Facebook and Blogspot after the article came out yesterday and we definitely saw some new traffic yesterday due to the story in the Minuteman about our Rosé of the day campaign. It has been fun and we are happy to see that more and more people are joining in. We do have our "regulars" and we're glad to have them but please feel free to jump in and post your answers, No one gets chastized for being wrong. Err, except for Mark that is... But it's ok, Sandy says that he deserves it. I'm not sure why really, he's a nice guy, I guess it has become something of a tradition.

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