Friday, July 19, 2013

Rosé of the day - Friday July 19, 2013

Tasting notes: A vibrant rose-salmon color. Pronounced aromas of ripe strawberry and green apple are supported by an undertone of light oak. The flavors are lively with cranberry and citrus zest notes. The full, lush mouth feel is balanced by a brisk acidity and mineral elements, leading to a long-lasting finish.
Varietals: Pinot Noir
Region: Sonoma Coast, California, USA
Thursday's answer:
Plenty on board yesterday with "likes" and answers. Lets get to it....

Sarah Janisch was our first correct answer and she was quick. I don't think the digital ink was even dry on the digital paper before she put up her answer "Brooklawn golf course!". Well done Sarah. Thanks for leading the way and playing along.

Alexander Dacey was our one and only guess for the theme of the week so far and he correctly typed in "Its like golf week at Harrys" which is exactly right. It is Golf week, or at least "Golf Course Week" Did everyone realize that we have five, count them, five Golf courses in our fair town? For those that didn't, you do now!

Chefmichaelatyourservice finally re-awoke from what I can only guess was a heat induced slumber and came back with his well though out guess and put up... "As an homage to the British Open this week, and a tobogganer in my youth, this is Brooklawn Country Club split by Cornell Rd." Which would have been a really good answer if only I were a little bit smarter and thought of the idea of the British open. But, alas, as any of the regular followers can tell you, I'm not that bright. The Tobagganing reference did put me in to a cooler state of mind though so thank you for that moment of wintery thought in this unbearable heat.

Our final commenter yesterday was Steve Melnick and he may have stolen a bit of our thunder when he put up "At first I was almost fooled and wanted to say H Smith Richardson. Upon further examination I realized that the 2 bridges, that small stream, and the green golf carts were all definitley Brooklawn CC." Some of you may understand why I say that as we move on to today. Steve also wrote "I need to stop by and try these Rosés, any Cotes du Rhone gets my attention." Ah yes, the Rosés, that is how this whole thing started and it is our one constant as the days and weeks go by. The Rosé was indeed and Cotes du Rhone and it is a very good one this year (we probably a couple more that would be interesting to you too ;)).

Now, I am not trying to worry anyone here but I was up late in to the night waiting for Mark (out of sight but not out of mind) Beyerly to do his thing and... He never showed! No "like", no clue filled answer or history of the spot that we were yesterday... Who the hell are we kidding, we're scared to death for him and his family (kidding here folks). I do believe that this is the first time we have gone "Beyerlyless" in the game. We'll wait one more day but if we don't hear from him we will be sending out the Bloodhounds and putting on the "Where's Mark" watch. There is already a Sandy watch on, more that another day.

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