Friday, July 5, 2013

Heat Wave! Cooling off this weekend...

Summer is here, the Rosé racks getting a major working over and everyone is looking for summer whites to bring to their parties or to have with the lighter, summer meals. It looks like many people are taking the extended weekend since the fourth fell on a Thursday this year and many of them have family and friends in to take advantage of the beach and help cool off.

The problem? How can I keep them happy and not break the bank? 

Here are a few great suggestions that will work for the extended weekend with the extended family and they are also things you'll likely revisit all summer as the "Dog Days" begin to set in.

First up:
Anjos Vihno Verde $7.99
Composed of Arinto, Trajadura and Loureiro, Quinta da Lixa "Anjos" is a bright, refreshing Vinho Verde with lively notes of apple, grapefruit, lemon and wildflower on the nose and palate. Crisp acidity merges with a subtle herbal note on the finish.

Low in alcohol at only 9.5%, and low in price, you can pour it freely and not have to be concerned about the dent it puts in your wallet. More and more people are dicovering this terrific little wine from Portugal!

Hofer Gruner Veltliner $13.99 ltr
Bottled in a full one liter bottle with a beer bottle style crown cap, is a refreshingly versatile, food friendly un-oaked white that packs a mouthful of flavor in every sip. The flavors are reminiscent of citrus, minerals, and the tell-tale white pepper that Grüner is known for.

At $13.99 you get an extra glass of wine in each bottle since they are using a litre bottle instead of a 750ml. Once again, it is a good way to stretch your dollars out a bit while family and friends are here and Gruners have made a very big mark over the past few summers and get more and more popular as the years go by.

Anares Terra Nova Verdejo $12.99
The 2012 vintage just arrived and is drinking spectacularly! I wasn't able to find tasting notes so I'll give you a few of my own... Bright and crisp with well balanced acidity and bright mineral and citrus notes. Verdejo can often show many charateristics of Sauvignon blanc but in this case the acidity is not as piercing and the citrus is very well balanced.

Do you want a varietal that many of your guests will not be familiar with but will fall in love with? This is it! I love to reccomend this wine to anyone from Pinot Grigio drinkers to Gavi, Sauvignon Blanc, Albarino and on... I have gotten a ton of great feedback and many have made this their go to summer white.

Last but not least:
La Foret des Dames Sancere $16.99
Classic Sancerre minerality on the nose. Classic gooseberry and lime fruit with some melon on the palate. Very round Sancerre leading towards a nice crisp finish. A very good Sancerre!

This one is described very well in these tasting notes. Who doesn't want to find a great Sancere at a great price? When this was brought in to us to taste there was no reservation. The quality to price ratio is very high and was in stock the following day. Ask anyone on the staff for a Sancere and they will take you to this one first. Do we have more expensive ones? yes. Would I pay up for them right now? No.
This Sancere does not show incredibly flinty, calcified, minerality. It is a slightly more rounded style that hints toward green melon but that does not detract from its quality and the incredible drinkability. If you want to serve Sancere and you don't want to break the bank... easy choice

Here is hoping your Independence day was great and your weekend is better!


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