Saturday, November 23, 2013

Special Tasting Onyx Moonshine Cocktails Sat. Nov. 23 4-7pm

Tonights tasting hosted by Jeff from Onyx Moonshine. This is a local product produced right here in Connecticut and he is mixing some terrific Thanksgiving cocktails. Check out their website ( for recipes or come down and try. He'll share recipes with you here.
Onyx Moonshine  $24.99
A modern take on traditional New England-style moonshine, based on an age-old secret recipe. Onyx makes the perfect mixer for your favorite cocktail, and is exceptionally smooth served neat, straight-up or on the rocks.
Onyx Apple Honey Infusion $29.99
Raise a glass to the fruits of harvest. Delicious Honeycrisp apples, honey, and cinnamon carefully steep in our ultra premium moonshine to create a flavorful blend of distinctly local traditions. Our Apple Honey moonshine is the right pick this season—or any.

Traditional moonshine with a modern twist

Bootlegging runs in the blood of Onyx’s co-founders, Adam and Pete. Adam’s relatives ran a Prohibition-era speakeasy on the Connecticut River, and Pete’s relatives have had a farm in Wethersfield, Connecticut, for more than 100 years that, shall we say … grew corn. Inspired by family lore and a rich local tradition, they set out to take American moonshine to a new level, using a secret recipe that they painstakingly refined.
The result is a new legacy. With its launch in 2011, Onyx Moonshine became New England’s first legal moonshine since Prohibition, and the first ultra-premium American moonshine ever.
Made in a small distillery in East Hartford, Connecticut, from carefully selected corn, malted grains and pure Connecticut spring water, Onyx Moonshine infuses age-old Yankee charm with a flavor and mixability that “shines” in the modern world.
In two brief years, Onyx has already become one of the fastest-selling spirits in Connecticut and is now available in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Look for us wherever top shelf liquors are sold. We’re all about word of mouth, so if you don’t see Onyx, ask for it and help spread the word!

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