Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Giving Thanks...

We at Harry's would like to take just a couple of minutes on this very busy day to offer our thanks...

As a group we are very fortunate to be part of a community that does so much to support our store and each of us has developed relationships with our patrons that blurs the line defining the worker-customer norm. There is a tradition at this shop that was started more than seven decades ago when Harry himself made a very simple but powerful and long lasting statement. He said, "It is my job to get customers to comer to the store and it is your job to get them to come back".

From that day until now and long into the future this is our goal. Some of the faces will change over time but this very simple first rule means that your shopping experience with us should be comfortable and the person assisting you should always be courteous, and you should feel like we are there to be helpful to you.

This past week kicked the holiday season into high gear and for the next month or so most of our lives will get very hectic as the preparations consume so much of our time. Please do your best to take some time to look around and be in the moment as it happens. Enjoy this very special time of the year with family and friends that you don't always have the opportunity to see and interact with.

Give thanks for the people that make your life happy and rewarding and when you are feeling overwhelmed take a minute to yourself and breath. Harry's and its staff is here to do our part when you need a last minute hostess gift or the perfect bottle of wine for the feast so let us help to make the season a little brighter and to help shoulder the load for you.

Thank you to all of of you for your friendships and loyal patronage through the years. We are truly appreciative and we hope it shows in our service to you.

We wish you and your family a very Hapy Thanksgiving,

William, Patrick, Scott and the rest of the Harry's family 

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