Friday, November 8, 2013

One Shot Seasonal Deal

Calling all early birds! Renzo and Joey here, searching through the stock for some seasonal keepers. We really liked these beers when we first tried them and now they're ripe for the season. There are even a few new surprises, but there's only a little bit left so B-line it to the B-section at Harry's and catch these worms!

1) Sierra Nevada DevESTATEtion [CA]- Lemons out of Lemonade, Black IPA out of bad barley. Apparently, after a poor harvest due to bad weather the brewers at Sierra Nevada decided to salvage what they could and make a special black ale with what remained using organic barley malts and their estate-grown wet hops. Roasty malt balanced by Cascade hops yielding an herbal and vinous coffee taste.

2) Two Roads Route to All Evil [CT]- Again, black and hoppy. Interesting herbal hop character... perhaps medicinal, notes of vinyl. It has very pleasant bitterness of espresso, however. A touch of evil in its deceptive alcohol taste - masked or hidden, it is misleading! Follow your own path.

3) Foolproof  King of the Yahd [RI]- An Imperial IPA from Rhode Island? Could have fooled me! Nevertheless, here's your chance to try one. An interesting mélange of grainy honey baked bread veiled by the hop character of stone fruits and citrus.

4) CBC The Great Pumpkin [MA]- For lovers of pumpkins and The Peanuts... This, the first pumpkin ale to be bottled commercially, is one of the lightest and lowest in alcohol on the market. Refreshing and sessionable though still seasonal so snatch it up!

5) Slumbrew Attic and Eaves [MA]- A "Toasted" Brown Ale slumbrewed especially for this autumn evoked tastes of buttery nutty toast with orange marmalade. Rich and expressive, New England is comin' in big this fall!

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