Friday, November 29, 2013

Small Business Saturday, Are you shopping small?... Local?...

Black friday has come and gone. We were given plenty of opportunity to stand in long lines over the past 48 hours risking life and limb, all to have the opportuniy to wrestle one of the (2 or 3 per store) "door buster" specials out of someone else's hand.  Just like years past, someone inevitably got arrested or crushed in the melee.

Ah, "Big Box" stores, aren't they wonderful...

Amex has another approach for you this Saturday, Shop small.

Sign up on line and shop small (and locally of course), spend $10 and get $10 back on your statement at the end of the month and all you have to do is check out their list of participating small businesses and stop in to be helped individually at a store that knows who you are and helps to keep the money you spend in the local economy. Win, win!

The best part is that Harry's is involved for the second straight year and if that isn't enough, many of our neighbors have joined in too. Come down to the corner, be taken good care of and save a few dollars in the process. How civilized!

Let us help you to enjoy the holidays. Harry's is really very connected with you around the holidays and we do enjoy seeing you all. So, if you are around on Saturday stop down and see us but if you miss the Amex promotion we will still be here to help you all the way through the holidays.

If you want fighting we aren't the right store for you. :)


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