Friday, November 15, 2013

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, Nov 15

Your host will be Jeff D'Andrea of Veldensteiner.

Weissbier                     $3.62/16oz
Mild tangy wheat beer with fine yeast. The distinctive, fruity flavor, highlighted with a slight banana note guarantees a particularly refreshing taste experience.

Dunkel Weissbier        $3.69/16oz
Yellow-orange color with a huge bubbly white head.  This one had a good aroma as well, with a definite citrus and spicy note on top of the wheat base.  The flavors are typical of a wheat beer... bananas come through strong, spices as well, the wheat is there, and just a hint of hops on the end. 

Landbier                      $3.69/16oz
It's a darker beer, as expected, with a deep red to brown color to it.  Large head like all these Veldensteiner beers have displayed.  The aroma is rich and malty, even boozy despite the low alcohol levels.  Caramel and roasted malts come through, almost like a doppelbock. 

Pils                              $3.69/16oz
Very pale yellow with a fading white head. Hoppy straw malt aroma. Rather hoppy clean crisp flavor, with the malt rather burried in German hops. Light and refreshing.

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