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Harry's Wine School Spring Classes

Harry’s Wine Classes Winter/Spring 2014

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Wine 101:  Intro to Wine Tasting           Wednesdays                         Jan 22 and Jan 29
This is the most popular class at Harry’s Wine School. We offer it several times per year, always to a packed house!  We will cover everything you need to know about the basics of wine but didn’t know what to ask. You will learn the 5 S’s of wine tasting, the 4 taste zones of the tongue, the basic grape varieties, and much more. A selection of wines from around the world will be tasted.  This class is the foundation of all the other classes in our curriculum, and we recommend that even long-time tasters will benefit from it. The concepts and techniques that you learn here will apply to any and all future wine tastings that you will ever attend.  $70 for both weeks

Wines of France                                          Wednesdays                        Feb 5 and Feb 12
Join us as we taste through many of the great wine regions of France.  From Champagne and Alsace in the northeast to Provence on the Mediterranean coast and with many stops along the way, we will sample a wide range of wines that all shout “Vive la France!”  Considered by many to be the cradle of European wine heritage, France has a wine to please every palate.  Each week these wines will be tasted alongside a couple of perfectly paired French cheeses.  Don’t wait, register soon – this class will fill quickly!  $70 for both weeks

Value Wines at Two Price Points           Wednesdays                         Feb 19 and Feb 26
Is a $25 wine always twice as good as a $12 wine?  We get asked that question quite often.   This wine class will go a long way to help you decide for yourself!  Each week we will taste 4 quality wines at approximately $12 each, and 4 wines about $25 each - all different wines from around the world.  At the end of class each week everyone will guess the price of each bottle.  This will be your chance to see how much the price counts toward value and quality.  Will you be surprised?  $70 for both weeks

Fresh Pasta, Plus More, with Italian Wine . . . Bellissima!      Wednesday            March 5
We are again excited to have our second pasta dinner with our neighbors at Tutto Pasta!  This will be a one-night event at the Tutto Pasta location here at Harry’s Corner.  Owners/brothers Andrew and David Tavolacci will prepare a wonderful multi-course meal of various types of pasta, each paired with the perfect Italian wine.  This will all be sandwiched between antipasti to begin and then a delicious dessert finale.  Mark your calendar, this will be a fast sell-out.  $40 one week.

Seating is limited to the first 20 students in each class and reservations are required. 
For more information or to make your reservation please contact us at: or call (203)259-4692
(Gift Certificates Available)

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