Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rosé of the day - Thursday June 21, 2013

Parusso "Paruss"Langhe Nebbiolo Rosato 2012 $15.99

Tasting notes: Big aromas of watermelon and light red berries along with floral and mineral notes. The flavors are just as big with the berries in the lead, notes of honey and a slight peppery quality. The bright, balancing acidity makes this a great food wine.

Varietals: Nebbiolo

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Wednesday's answer:
Wow, Lots of guessing yesterday! Lets break it down...
Chefmichaelatyourservice was first and had obviously put some thought in and as he was answering, he settled on one of two possibilities, "Horseshoe or Bill's Crossroads". Fine guesses but both were wrong sad to say. Maybe today chef.

Next up was Tracey McMillan Rosato who guessed OPT (Old Post Tavern)  
Who's down with OPT? You Down with OPT? Ok, I'm being dumb. Sorry Tracey but not this time. 

Alexander Dacey followed with "Brennen's Shebeen?" which was another swing and a miss. 

I don't get it... I take the picture with the name partially showing in the picture and I hear about it. Renzo puts it in the picture and no one can see it (except me I guess). It must be a lighting thing.

On we go... Finally a little while later a new player, Rachel Marie jumps in and simply puts up "The angus" and very quietly solves the riddle.

Now there is only one question left, Is Mark safe? I'm not sure everyone saw that he "liked" the post earlier so it was a relief that a little later in the day we heard from our friend Mark (19th hole) Beyerly as he broke it down in his usual fashion by studying the picture for its clues and then devining his answer. In this case he sliced off the tee and sent it into the woods (practice that swing big guy). Hey he is in the game and thats all we ask.

I have a feeling today will help many people get off the snide. I love this place and judging by the lines, I'm not alone.

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