Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wine Tasting - Saturday 1-4PM, Jan 3

Harry's Staff Wine Tasting with Angel Rivera.

Angel joins us with 8 years of retail experience working at and for a few other liquor stores along with a brief stint on the wholesale side of the industry. His desire to make a career in this industry has fueled his efforts to soak up as much knowledge as he can in the wine world. He continually is asking questions and dipping into the experiences of other, more tenured member's of Harry's wine staff. His current enthusiasm is for Pinot Noir and understanding its many nuances.

Ventana Pinot Noir $17.99

This wine has an explosion of wild cherry, raspberry and cranberry flavors with a delicious hint of cedar. Ten months of aging rounds out the flavor complexities with a touch of smoke and vanilla. The wine is medium bodied with a bright berry red color.
Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99

This Cabernet has a bouquet of ripe fruit and roasted spices. Full bodied, balanced, and mouth filling with gobs of black currant, charred oak, vanilla and cassis. Mild tannins with a mellow finish.

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