Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finally, A Pappy Van Winkle story that feels right

As anyone that has asked us for Pappy Van Winkle can attest, The wait is long!

While the wait is long, if you are one of our customers and you are willing to wait, you will be rewarded for your patience with a fairly priced bottle from a reputable store. Recently while we were going down our list of names and passing them out to this years lucky recipients, We contacted one of our long waiting customers and we were able to put a bottle in her hand.

When she got to the store I went back and got her bottle and happily presented it to her. She said "I completely forgot I was even on your list and I didn't even know what you were talking about when you called" As dread came over me thinking that I was giving this bottle to someone that didn't even know what I was handing her, she confirmed my anxious concern...

"I don't even know what this stuff is" she said.  (ugh... I got it wrong, I thought)

But, she followed that statement up with a heart warming couple of sentences...

"It was almost five years ago when I got on your list. My sister was getting married and she wanted so badly to give her new husband a bottle on their wedding day." she said. "He had been looking for it for years and never had any luck".

(Hmm, I thought, Maybe I'm ok)

"I told my sister that if anyone could get it, Harry's would know what to do" (smile) "But then even you guys let me down" (frown). "I called her and told her that you had a bottle for me and she shrieked in excitement!" she continued. "She told me that he had been looking and looking and the only place he could find it wanted nearly $1000.00 for it so it just wasn't in the cards for him".

She went on to tell me that instead of being a wedding present, this was now going to be his 5th anniversary gift! While it is a long time to wait, we do handle it judiciously and fairly among all of our interested customers and a story like that confirms to me that we are doing the right thing.


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