Friday, January 23, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, January 23

Your host Geoff Oliveira from Harpoon Brewery.

Harpoon IPA $9.69/6pbtlAs the definitive New England-style IPA, Harpoon IPA is a beautifully balanced beer. The citrus and pine of Cascade hops complement a sturdy malt backbone and the fruity aromas of our beloved yeast. Water, Three malts, including a 2-row pale, Northwest Cascade Hops, and Yeast.This copper colored ale is floral, medium bodied, with a crisp, refreshing finish.

Harpoon Long Thaw $9.69/6pbtlWith notes of orange peel and coriander, the soft mouthfeel of a Belgian wit, and an intense hop profile, The Long Thaw White IPA combines the warming backbone of an IPA with citrus notes indicative of the coming spring.

Harpoon UFO Gingerland $9.69/6pbtlCinnamon, clove and ginger combine with an unfiltered wheat beer in this deliciously spiced, gingerbread-inspired beer

Harpoon UFO White $9.69/6pbtlHazy, golden yellow in appearance, with strong aroma of coriander and orange. On the sweeter side of wheat beers with orange-y, sweet, cracker-y wheat. Light on the palate, quenching.

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