Friday, January 30, 2015

Beer Tasting Friday Jan. 30th 4-7pm

Your host is Harrison from Thimble Island Brewery.

American Ale    $8.49/6pbtl
American Amber/Red Ale

We believe our American ale is a great example of this classic beer style. It has great character, it’s full of aroma and flavor that’s light enough to drink during the summer and hearty enough to drink in the winter.  It’s a beer for beer lovers.

Coffee Stout    $9.69/6pbtl
 American Stout

What's unique about this recipe is that it features whole coffee beans from Willoughby's, a Connecticut coffee roaster.  Incorporating local craftsman was the inspiration for choosing coffee stout. With a classic dark color and subtle, yet unmistakable, aroma of coffee this brew presents itself as a modern American craft-brewed stout.  However it's surprisingly easy to drink and gives a nod to the traditional British stout with mellow hop presence

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