Friday, January 2, 2015

The eagle has landed!

With the interest in Bourbon building through the past decade we have been trying in vane to purchase our own single barrel of something great. Our name has been on "the list" at Eagle Rare for some time and for the first time this past October we finally climbed to the top of that list and a hard to find/get opportunity finally became available to us! The phone call was short...

"Hi Patrick, I understand that you have been trying to get your hands on a single barrel of Eagle Rare."

Yes, I said.

"We have a barrel of Distiller select 10 year available"

Send it! was my reply

Just like that the long awaited phone call and distillery confirmation were simultaneously taken care of. All that was left was the bottling and delivery...

Monday December 29,2014 we got a late Christmas present as our single barrel of Master Distiller Select Eagle Rare 10 year Bourbon arrived at the store. Only 150 bottles of this gem are available and a portion of that has already been put aside to fill pre-orders. Each bottle is hand numbered and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Below are a few tasting notes from the sample we tasted and the specifics of the barrel that we purchased.

We are obviously very excited to get the 2015 new year started in such an exciting way and look forward to introducing more opportunities in the coming months that will be directly linked to this one of a kind barrel.(More on that as things develop).

Tasting notes:
The nose tells us immediately that this beautifully crafted whiskey is a high rye Bourbon showing lots of spice and grassy notes with underlying leather, almond and orange zest. Quite masculine but delicately balanced with honeyed notes, And that was just the nose! We stood looking at each other while we talked about the nose and soon realized that none of us had even tasted it yet and we were already chattering about all of its complexity.
Now the true test... As each of us tasted, the obvious came right out and that was that the nose did not lie. Spicy Rye right behind your lips with smokey and dry nutty flavors jumping right up. Through the mid palate the sweeter caramel and honeyed tones showed themselves with a nice faint bitter cocoa note at the finish. Orange peel, and warm caramelized apples hang on as the finish lingers.  The sense of classic Eagle Rare showed well and adding a drop or two of water expanded all of these flavors and broadened its profile.

We did very well with our purchase if we do say so ourselves!

Price: $39.99 750ml

Call to reserve yours today
(203) 259-4692

Happy New Year!

Barrel #
Fill Date
Dump Date
10 years 7 months 8 days
Starting Gallons
Dumped Gallons
Entry Proof
Dumped Proof
Flavoring Grain

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