Friday, April 29, 2016

Beer Tasting April 29nd from 4 - 7pm

Your Host:
Tessa from
Revival Brewing Co.

Night Swimah 6pbtl $10.49
Belgian style Witt flavored with sweet orange peel, corriander, natural raspberries, and hopped with Citra hops. Sweet/tart meets in the middle and makes this the perfect session ale.

White Electric Coffee Stout 4pbtl $8.99
A mix of malts -- Maris Otter from England, Chocolate, Crystal, Roasted Barley and Chocolate Wheat -- along with EKG hops and specially-roasted White Electric coffee from New Harvest roasters create a complex beverage with notes of bittersweet coffee and chocolate.

Zeppelin 4pbtl $8.99
A classic Hefeweizen, Zeppelin is brewed with mix of Pilsner and Wheat malts from Germany and hopped with German Hallerteau hops. Hints of clove and vanilla from the traditional yeast used in fermentation round out this brew's crisp and refreshing taste.

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