Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wine Tasting - Saturday April 2nd 2016

Weekly Wine Tasting
Saturday, April 2
with Doug Rankin of
Missing Link wine co.

Redentore Prosecco 2015 $19.99/215
Created to honor the Festa del Redentore, an extravagant festival featuring stunning fireworks and sumptuous gourmet feasts held in the romantic Venice lagoon every July, this Prosecco is pale straw in color and has a fine, persistent mousse, with aromas of apples and pears, along with sweet citrus fruit and some hints of jasmine. This is the perfect aperitif, ideal with light dishes such as pasta, fresh cheeses, and of course the perfect sparkle for any occasion.

Jigsaw Williamate Valley Pinot Noir 2014 $19.99/215
 The aromatic entry yields notes of blackcap raspberry and cacao, and the wine is a deep garnet hue in the glass. On the palate, lush flavors of black cherry and spice are interwoven with an elegant mineral vein. Fine, velveteen tannins and a hint of salted caramel give weight and fullness to a savory mid-palate. The wine finishes long and supple with flavors of sarsaparilla and sweet earth.

Tintero Rosso N.V $9.99/119.88
A fantastic everyday wine, quite refined and structured for its modest price, with bright fruit on the nose and palate; medium dryness with a hint of spice on the finish. A delightful mix of Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and a splash of Cabernet Franc skillfully blended into an affordable, crowd-pleasing red - great to bring to a party even if you don't know what's on the menu!

La Querce Seconda Chianti Classico 2011 $21.99/240
Made from organically grown grapes and hand harvested at very low yields of about 2.5 tons per hectare, the wine is left to ferment naturally in stainless steel before it is moved to 10-year-old, 2000 liter French oak tonneau. This painstaking treatment results in incredible depth of flavor, structure, and class. The nose is beautifully harmonious; complex with notes of red fruit, currant, plum, spice, light balsamic, and eucalyptus. The palate reconfirms these characters along with a remarkable structure of integrated tannins, acidity, and a long, well- balanced finish. Enjoy this wine with rustic Tuscan fare, game, firm Pecorino, or tomato based dishes.


Hartford Flavor Company 
Wild Moon Liqueurs 

Birch     $21.99
The nose is greeted first by the heady aroma of a root beer float: full, creamy, and sweet, followed by images of springtime New England woods full of damp earth and fresh hints of spring.  Classic birch smoothness hits the tongue with a sweetness that is mellowed by a touch of spice.  Fiery amber soothes the throat in a manner reminiscent of a scotch stripped of its burn yet still retaining a touch of peat and a hint of vanilla.  The full bodied, rich taste ends with a sassafrass finish.

Chai Spice     $21.99
Pop the cork to the welcoming smell of holiday spice and tropical breezes. Warm gold envelops first the nose and then the taste buds. Cinnamon and spiced honey at the onset rounded by notes of ginger and exotic spices. Full bodied heat dissipates, leaving the delicate flavor of cardamom to demand another sip.
While all of our flavors are chock-full of revitalizing effects, few rival the extensive array of medicinal properties that come with Chai Spice tea.  While the term “chai tea” is redundant, as chai literally means tea in several languages, chai spice in all its unified glory will do your body good.  It is made up of a concoction of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, clove, and black pepper.  Each of these elements has their own unique curative properties.  Most commonly, they aid in digestion, boost the immune system, and provide cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Cranberry     $21.99
Bright aromas of hibiscus, unripened berries, and sour cherries greet the nose upon decorking. The flavor is at once tangy and sweet bearing resemblance to a cranberry juice cocktail while remaining true to the essence of the berry itself.  Conflicting images of winter holidays and summertime picnics collide as the liquid smoothly coats the mouth and warms the back of the throat, leaving floral notes and an energetic zing in its wake.

Cucumber     $21.99
Uncork and smell the gust of bright green ripeness and sun warmed cucumbers wafting from the bottle. Fresh and sweet aromas of honeydew and Japanese melon candy confront both tongue and nostril simultaneously at the first sip. The mouth-feel is one of diluted honey offering roundness to the clean flavor of cucumber that remains on the palate.

Lavender     $21.99
We’ve all heard of the soothing effects of the lavender aroma.  Its calming scent has been known to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.  Did you know it also helps improve balance in the elderly?

Rose     $21.99
The rose is the quintessential symbol of love, so why not love yourself and add a little rose to your cocktail?  In addition to its intense aroma and striking appearance, rose hips are known to have several health benefits when ingested.

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