Friday, April 8, 2016

Harry's Single Barrel Selection #5 is enroute! next Single Barrel is on the way!

We were given the news today by the man himself Beau Beckman, who is the Barrel select manager at The Buffalo Trace Distillery, Sazerak Company. It was loaded on the truck and is headed toward Connecticut and then to our store by months end.

This is the 5th in our series and a staff favorite for its bright scents and  flavors of the spring season that are highlighted by beautiful floral aromas interwoven with tea and Tangerine. These pretty notes also carry through to your palate where they are accented by the more traditional flavors of caramel and brown sugar.

The arrival of this very exciting selection coincides with the lead into the Kentucky Derby and we think it is a marriage made in heaven. The question of whether we believe that this is our best barrel to date has been asked over and over by the followers of our program and the answer is a definite maybe!
You see, just like anything it all comes down to personal taste. I will say that it is delicious and we can't wait to get our hands on it. It is also safe to say that the people purchasing this gem will not be disappointed.
Our choice to do Blanton's as our 5th single barrel was based on the timing and the idea that the stopper or should I say stoppers on the top of the bottle show the horses stride on race day from standing in the gate to stretching for the finish line. Each of the stages of horse race and each are given a letter, B,L,A,N,T,O,N,S and the figurine on top depicts a different pose. Aficionados of the brand collect these and show them off on their private bourbon bars.

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Interested? In just a couple of weeks you can get yours too!

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