Friday, April 3, 2015

WINE CLASS: "Green" Wine Class

 "Green" Wine Class
Wednesday, April 22
$35 one session

With the rise in popularity of “green” wine, understanding the methods that fall under this umbrella term can be quite confusing. Organic, organic grape, bio-dynamic, sustainably farmed, what do these terms really describe about the wine you are drinking. This class is aimed at clarifying each distinct method by taken you through the varietals, terroir and the rigorous process/guidelines each method follows in order to produce its categorized wine.

Our Instructor for this class is Zev Rovine, a natural wine enthusiast who imports and distributors some of the most unforced, lovely and expression filled wines of France. He is a champion for the true meaning of terroir which you are sure to catch the zeal of by the end of his class. Zev has wandered through the rural backwaters of Europe, to bring us the beautifully wines you will be tasting from extraordinary winemakers.

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