Friday, April 17, 2015

Joining the celebration of a bygone era this Saturday April 18th

Join us all day Saturday April 18th as we help to celebrate "National Record Store Day"!

While it's true that we are not a record store, we have been around long enough to remember the days when they were in almost every town. Some of our staff can even remember the days when we would save our allowance or leaf raking money and go down on Saturday afternoon to flip through the display bins and pick up a new 45 or the latest album from our favorite artist.

Sadly those days are mostly only read about in the history books as mom and pop record stores were pushed out by the big box giants and then more recently iTunes and digital music downloaded via the web has become the way that we get our music.

In an ironic twist some of our kids have uncovered our old turn table and the corresponding stacks of records long ago stored in the cellar or attic. This generation seems to rediscovered and even better yet, they have fallen in with love the music that we and even their grandparents used to listen to on that dusty old memory.

As the saying goes... "What's old is new again"

In a nostalgic look back, Dogfish head brewing has produced a very limited number of these wonderfully cool portable record players and we will be spinning vinyl all day Saturday April 18th in respectful remembrance of the days gone by. Come by and celebrate the flecky, crackling and sometimes scratchy sound that only an old school record player can produce and hear some great music from its generation.

Hopefully it will inspire you to go into your boxes of long forgotten teenage memories and find your own turntable so you can plan a "family night" and share some music from your childhood with your kids. If you've let your records go at the yard sale there are a few actual "Record Stores" still in business here in Connecticut and we are sure that they would love to see you and give you the personal service that also seems to all too often also be a thing of the past.


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