Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wine Tasting - Saturday 1-4, March 28

Your Host:
Jeff D'Andrea of Brescome Barton

Barkan Merlot/Argaman 2013 $11.99
The Argaman variety, which was developed at the Volcani Institute in Israel, produces wines with deep purple color, and pronounced fresh fruit aroma.  The Merlot Argaman is a robust wine with depth, body and tannins, a combination of the character of Argaman and of Merlot. The wine is uniquely Israeli and goes well a Mediterranean cuisine." -Winery
Barkan Pinot Noir 2013 . . . $11.99
Barkan found this balance in their vineyard at Mitzpah Ramon in the high desert. The wine is marked by soft, yet palpable tannin, with a fresh almost strawberry aroma with hints of black cherries and mint. Medium body and crisp finish goes well with grilled salmon or veal, and is best served at a cool room temperature. 
Bartenura Pinot Grigio 2013 . . . $16.99
This fine wine from Bartenura is made from selected Pinot Grigio grapes grown in the sunny hillsides of the Veneto Region. Well-balanced, dry with pear and honeysuckle flavors and a fresh clean finish. 

Bartenura Moscato 2014 . . . $13.99
Crisp and refreshing, semi sweet, with lingering pear, tangerine, nectar and melon flavors on the finish

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