Friday, March 13, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, March 13

Your host is Ashley
from Guinness Beer.

Blond    $8.99/6pbtl

A crisp, light flavorful beer brewed in the Guinness tradition with the finest American ingredients. This lager blends floral and citrus notes with a unique biscuit malt flavor that begs to be experienced.

Stout Draught    $16.99/12pbtl . . . $14.99/8pcan

With an initial malt and caramel flavor, Guinness Draught finishes with a dry roasted bitterness. The malted barley is roasted giving Guinness it's dark, rich red color.

Smithwicks Irish Ale   $16.99/12pbtl
A copper ale with a thick, pillowy head. The aroma is sweet with malty caramel notes. It has a very clean taste with great hop flavors.

Harp    $15.99/12pbtl
Bright pale golden; fruity nose; crisp and clean, slightly bitter up front, smooth aftertaste.

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