Monday, December 22, 2014

Those crafty little elves have outdone themselves!

It was late tonight when the lights finally went out but I thought I would duck behind the stacks and see what those little elves had in store for us tonight. I heard some rustling around and kept my head low but I listened closely to where the noise was coming from. There was lots of giggling and small little voices over on the other side of the store but I knew if they heard me all would be lost so after some time passed and I was sure that I was alone again I quietly crept out of my hiding place behind the beer stacks and made my way over to the shelves where the noise had comer from...

Those sneaky little elves had done it again!

This time even I didn't know what I was looking at! Exploratory cask??

"What does that mean" I wondered, and from the look of the label I knew that there must be some magic in this bottle. Intrigued I moved quietly to the back room and turned on the computer. I Looked on Google to find that the bottle they left tonight was quite rare indeed... 1 of just a few bottles for the entire state of Connecticut, and unlike Pappy or some other famous Whiskeys, this is one is one and done. This is a first edition. That means that it won't be repeated... ever!

Those sneaky little elves!

They have hidden it well and it won't be easy to find but the lucky person to search it out will be well rewarded according to this whiskey blog.

And with so few days left until Christmas and these elves showing us so many hard to find whiskeys, our store and staff are buzzing with the possibilities!

Come down and hunt around a bit, you might just get lucky. Even our staff is confused when while stocking the shelves, they are running across things that are "never seen".

If you're are a Whiskey lover, this is a great year indeed! :)

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