Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Whiskey elves are back at it...

The store is closed and the doors locked up tight and when those lights went out the Whiskey elves went right to work hiding a couple of their gems in plain sight once more. If you have a whiskey fan on your list there are a few fun choices as Christmas draws near.

The only question is...

How well do you know your Whiskeys?

In this picture there are a few small batch "browns" that a knowledgeable collector would love to get his/her hands on. One of them has been conspicuously absent from our market for way too long and showed up earlier this week so we were able to get our hands on some. Another is making big noise recently in the world of Whiskey and there is yet another that is a very limited release and our best research shows very few left out there (we have one).

Are you having fun yet? ;)

Be careful how you select since there are still a couple of days before Christmas. Anyone grabbing one of the "Cherries" in this game will only get one so that everyone gets a shot and not just the person that lives around the corner. (only 1 "Cherry" in this picture, the others are also very limited but will not exclude from future opportunities).

Do you know a Whiskey fan? Is it you?

Share the post on Facebook and see if someone in your circle of friends can help, or do some research based on what you see in the photo and decide if one of these is just the right Christmas gift for the aficionado in your life!

Remember, we open at 8am and the first person to find the bottle gets it.

BTW, Norm was the first to find the Sazerak 6yr Rye this morning and will be putting it under the tree for his son. Perfect!

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