Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa's Elves are hard at work Hiding a few gems around the store!

When it comes to special and highly allocated items, we are very fortunate to get a few gems along the way. Some things are on the shelf for a day or two and others are special ordered for particular customers.

As many people know the Whiskey craze is at an all-time high right now as evidenced by our 9 year wait list for things like Pappy Van Winkle. Yes that's correct NINE years. As we often tell people "The stuff isn't magic" and there are a bunch of other pretty fun things out there if you know what to ask for and where to look.

At Harry's we do our homework and over the past few weeks and months we have found a number of things that we think would be great Christmas presents for the whiskey fan in your life. So, for the next few days after the store closes, our elves will hide one or two of these gems around the store and when we open the next day it will be first come first serve!

Our first one is hidden (in plain sight) by our crafty little elves and available to the quickest customer when we open our doors at 10:00am. The bottle is hidden in this picture in plain sight and is among a few other hard to find gems that are also on our shelves right now. Do you know which one it is? Do you want it?

See you in the morning!

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