Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is that... No it can't be!... Hirsch 1974?!?

On their final visit before riding with Santa tomorrow night those little elves really out did themselves with what looks like two impossible to get Whiskeys!

Just like the past few nights we took up our elf watching post behind the beer stacks and sure enough the little rascals showed up one more time before their journey with Santa to help make our customers Christmas merry and bright (or brown and delicious as the case is here).

Today's picture is a bit grainier but it was hard to get close to where they hid their surprises this time. If you have an great Bourbon or Rye fan on your list and you want them to be completely blown away this Christmas season, getting one of the two bottles in the picture will certainly do it!

In the box I can see a bottle of the 1974 Hirsch 16year and on closer inspection I see that it is also a cigar humidor! Very special and very unique! I have heard it called "The holy grail of American bourbon" for its rarity. The second bottle appears to be from the Buffalo Trace antique series. If I read it right it says Thomas H. Handy Sazerak Rye! Those are two very special bottles indeed and if I would love to grab them off the shelf for myself or the list of people a on our waiting list that would scoop them up quick. The trouble is that we are just hours away from Santa's visit and I sure don't want to get on his naughty list at this point.

It is Christmas time and we want those little elves to get their way so we will leave them out for a fast acting or lucky sole to make their own.

Anyone considering giving one of these bottles a home should be aware that we want them to go to a home that will offer plenty of love. :)

A very Merry Christmas to all of our Whiskey fans!

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