Friday, June 20, 2014

Our thirst for wine has saved the world

Have you seen this article about how the American desire for diversity in their wine menu has saved the wine world? Article here

As the months and years go by our collective desire for something new continues to evolve. Unlike most populations, the American public is open to sipping wines made everywhere in the world. On our recent trip to Italy we were able to taste many of the regions great wines. We visited Tuscany as many of you will remember and we tasted through many different wines from the region. There are hundreds of producers and these winemakers are crafting delicious, world class wines. But... stop into any enoteca in the region and try to find a French or German wine and you will suddenly realize that their wine shops are not like the ones at home. Not only is it nearly impossible to find a wine from a neighboring country but even the other regions from the same county are not well represented. In Tuscany you find Tuscan wines, Piedmont has their local selection and so forth. This is what happens everywhere in the world, except here.

Talk to the winemakers and exporters in any of the great wine growing regions of the world and they will tell you that our habits are responsible for their survival. Importers from the good ol' U-S-of A are scouring the wine regions of the world looking to satiate the American palate. Smaller importers continue to find undiscovered producers in under appreciated regions that are making delicious wines and are making them players in the international world of wine.

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