Friday, June 6, 2014

Harry’s Open That Bottle Event! Father's Day Weekend

Join us on Friday, June 13, from 5pm to 8pm
For a special, top-shelf tasting:
“Harry’s Open That Bottle Event!”

The world of boutique bourbons, Scotch and rye liquors is now the favorite playground of many more people than just a few years ago.  There is such demand for spirits such as Pappy Van Winkle, Eagle Rare, Willet, and Jefferson that the current production volume just cannot keep up with demand.  Over the past several months we have been lucky enough to accumulate a small inventory of these very special and very limited number of quality spirits.  On June 13, the weekend of Fathers Day, we are going to offer a “tasting treat” to all the Dads (and Moms, too, of course)! 

We have upwards of a dozen different Scotches, ryes and bourbons that have been opened so that we can taste them and also offer a taste to prospective customers on a one-on-one basis.  On June 13 we will bring these open bottles out to the tasting table in the store, one bottle at a time.  Our customers will be able to taste whatever is being poured at the moment.  When each bottle has been emptied, we will bring out another until either all of our open bottles are finished or 8pm – whichever comes first!

Now comes the good part.  We have also accumulated a small inventory of UN-OPENED top-shelf bourbons ryes and scotches which are for sale.  These are some of the best and rarest bottles in the craft whiskey category, "orphans" that are looking for good homes. We have ane bottle of this or that, a couple bottles of another and maybe a handful of some others.  This inventory does not contain exactly the same bottles that we will taste, although there may be some duplicates.  Our goal is to “taste” you on the category of these premier liquors, and then offer to you for purchase a selection of bottles that are comparable in flavor and price.   Any of these bottles will make a great Father’s Day Gift! Intrigued?

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